Meet Shirin Lee

Welcome. You might be wondering who I am and how I got here. Like you, I’ve always had a sense that there was a whole lot more that was possible for my life. And that’s resulted in a very rich journey personally and professionally.

I have an extensive history of working in corporations, catapulted by an undergraduate degree in Economics from Boston College. Eventually I found my way back to graduate school at Harvard to pursue my passion for psychology. In between my master’s and doctoral programs, I began what ended up being a long career in technology. And throughout it all, I’ve remained an avid explorer of human growth and potential.

In my professional roles, the most rewarding aspects have been interpersonal connections involving meaningful discussions about life.

I found that both colleagues as well as people with whom I had no official working relationships frequently visited my cubicle or office to stop by and share their lives. They joked that I should have a “Lucy Can” on my desk. (Remember Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip — “Psychiatric Help 5¢”?) Interestingly, these were folks who had no idea I had a background in psychology, because that was a side I didn’t usually talk about at work. (Resonate for anyone?)

Eventually coaching seemed like the perfect way to bridge my experience in business and psychology. And because I’m someone who loves to engage in learning and new experiences, I’ve participated in several coach training programs and earned a few certifications. Coaching has turned out to be the ideal fit for me. I adore it. It gives me the opportunity to bring together just about every previous experience, professional and personal, to benefit others.

There’s nothing I love more than being in service to something beyond myself.

As with any good story, there’s more to it than this. I’m happy to share more when we connect. But more importantly, it’s about you and your journey.

Shirin Lee Bio

Shirin Lee coaches visionary leaders, teams and individuals to develop their greatest potentials and elicit their best thinking.

She is a certified coach and the founder of Perspectives and Insights Coaching and Consulting.  She brings the gifts of intelligence, insight, wisdom, warmth, compassion, soulfulness and even playfulness to her clients.

Shirin holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College and a graduate degree in developmental psychology from Harvard University. She also studied counseling psychology at the doctoral level and has been strongly influenced by the work of Carl Jung. She brings more than 25 years of corporate work experience in technology and a rich journey of personal growth and exploration.

Shirin is a Certified Transformative Coach through Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy.  She also holds coaching certification through Robert Holden (Happiness Project and Success Intelligence / Authentic Success). Other mentors include Nancy Kline (Time to Think) and Tama Kieves.