Meet Shirin Lee

Shirin Lee works with visionary leaders and teams to elicit their best thinking and develop their greatest potentials. She is a certified coach and the founder of Perspectives and Insights Coaching and Consulting.  She brings the gifts of intelligence, insight, wisdom, warmth, compassion, soulfulness and even playfulness to her clients.

Shirin holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College and a graduate degree in developmental psychology from Harvard University. She also studied counseling psychology at the doctoral level and has been strongly influenced by the work of Carl Jung. She brings more than 25 years of corporate work experience in technology and a rich journey of personal growth and exploration.

Shirin is a Certified Transformative Coach through Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy.  She also holds coaching certification through Robert Holden (Happiness Project and Success Intelligence/Authentic Success). Other mentors include Nancy Kline (Time to Think) and Tama Kieves.